Here are Some of the Best Apps to have on Your Phone

There are certain apps that everyone has on their phones that we use every day. Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Wish shopping are just a few.

 However, there are plenty of awesome apps no one knows. So I’ll mention some apps you should have on your phone. Some you’ll know, but some maybe not.

 The first is Spotify. This music streaming app gives a 30 day trial to premium access. The app is free, and after the trial, it’s $10 for premium.

 The adaptive song selection allows you to find new music in the mi of songs you love. You can create infinite playlists and share them with friends too.

 Next up is Canva. Especially for small business owners and web content creators, you NEED this app. It’s free to download and has a 1-month free trial.

 With Canva, you can create your own designs for just about anything, like business cards, social posts, worksheets, and so much more.

 The Canva platform is also super easy to use and allows you to create a brand kit and collab with your team. There are also many app integrations.

 Moving on to Paid Apps Gone Free or PAGF. This app gives a list of other apps that normally would need to be bought. But for a short time, they’re free. 

 PAGF lists productivity apps and tools, countless games, and lots of personalizations, especially ico pack. And they’re all free for a limited time.

 The list on the PAGF changes and updates daily. It’s run and maintained by a popular internet-based company called Ubuntu.

 I’m sure you’ve heard of LinkedIn (which is another great app but not my focus here,) but have you seen LinkedIn Learning? 

 As with some other apps on my list, LinkedIn Learning provides users with a 30 day free trial at sign-up. You can use your current LinkedIn account.


 There are masses of videos, audio files, courses ad actual learning paths to choose from—the main categories: technical skills, business & creative.

 Learn skills for your resume or add insight to your current skill set. You’ll find something new to learn no matter what industry you’re in.

 This next app is a must-have for musicians. Imagine if Facebook is merging with a music-making software like fruity loops at no cost. That’s BandLab.

 BandLab is partly a social network to connect with musicians, songwriters, or music lovers of all sorts. But it’s also much more than that.

 This app features thousands of loops and sounds in the resource library, allowing users to make their own music in any genre they like. How cool is that?

 BandLab allows you to collaborate with people you know or people you meet on the app to make music together. You can also link your Spotify account.

 Nearing the end of this list, another completely free forever app is Prompted Journal. This app allows you to set reminders prompting you to write.

 For me, this app has a dual purpose. First, it reminds me to write something personal every day. It also serves as a wellness check each day.

 Every day you get a new prompt inviting you to dive deeper.