Hardwood Countertops

Real wood counters are an antique concept that has remained largely relevant. The wood countertop continues to be a classic as homeowners consider their alternatives for kitchen and bathroom design in the always-evolving world of materials and designs. With regard to countertop materials, wood is difficult to beat for its lovely appearance and organic feel. However, using wood does have some disadvantages, particularly in the harsh atmosphere of a kitchen. Here is a general outline of what to anticipate when choosing and using wood countertops. 

Styles And Wood Countertop Species 

One of its biggest characteristics is the huge range of options and stylistic alterations available for wood countertops. The three main style options are flat grain, end grain, and edge grain. In addition, wood counters can have inlays, checkerboard patterns, borders, and stripes (using a combination of wood species). 

 When you start shopping, you’ll start to see the excellent craftsmanship used to create wood countertops from a variety of species. 

Why Choose Countertops Made Of Wood? 

Although they may be used for some light meal preparation, conventional butcher block worktops, which make up the majority of wood counters, are now hardly ever utilized for chopping. They are highly favored due to their appearance. Less expensive woods are frequently used in kitchen cabinets as a beautiful, cost-effective surface; more expensive species are used to top islands or breakfast bars where they add a lovely textural contrast or a finish akin to furniture. 

 Impressive wood selections include exotic iroko, deep, rich walnut, dramatic mesquite, and softly grained maple. Wood is a good option, although it does need some maintenance. Our buying, installing, and caring for these countertops guide will help you choose a surface that will last for years while still looking great and performing well. 

Sustainable Wood Countertops 

Given that wood is an organic material, it has a position in the green building movement. Additionally, a lot of the species utilized for counters are entirely renewable and frequently come from recycled sources. Your wood countertop’s carbon impact was only slightly increased by the fact that a tree had to be cut down and transported to make it. Solid surface, laminate, and quartz countertops, on the other hand, need a lot of energy to produce. 

 Wood Countertops And Stains 

Countertops made of wood may etch. Many stains on a wood countertop can be removed by sanding, just like scratches, but this will damage the wood finish, and some finishes are difficult to combine new and old (colorless oil is a notable exception). If you want an oiled top with a sink and plan to use the top as a cutting surface, make sure to keep up with wiping off any standing water and sanding out any discoloration that develops. In this situation, frequent re-oiling will be required. 

 Countertop Wood And Moisture 

Wood countertops can be damaged by moisture, especially in the vicinity of the sink. It’s essential to finish the wood countertop with a water-resistant finish if you intend to place a sink into it, or to use a different surface in the region right next to sink areas and other water fixtures. Otherwise, extended contact to water could cause the wood to splinter, warp, or even become black. 

 Solid Wood Countertops’ Durability 

Wood is soft and forgiving. Even just a few inches away, a wine bottle breaks when dropped on a granite countertop. But fragile goods are significantly safer when made of wood. Because wood is a sensitive material, countertops made of it are susceptible to nicking and even cracking, especially if the wood is not well cared for. Fortunately, wood can be sanded so that any tiny blemishes or cracks can be quickly rectified. 

 Preserving Wood Countertops 

Wood countertops are typically easy to maintain, even minor scratch repair, if they are finished to protect them. If you want to use the surface for both food preparation and cutting, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration suggests using odorless, colorless, food-safe mineral oil as the finish of choice for butcher block tops. The drawback is that mineral oil finishes need to be reapplied every month to maintain their effectiveness. Commercial tung oil treatments that are acceptable for food, some of which incorporate color additives, can be efficient and only need to be applied once every six months or so. 

Tips For Hiring Employees For A Start-Up Roofing Business  

The roofing industry is quite a competitive sector and no place for the faint-hearted. Starting up a construction business is risky, but if successful, the rewards are massive. Employees play a vital role in the company, and hiring the wrong employees may cost you your company. 

 The recruitment process may seem tedious but necessary as the hiring of employees should not be taken lightly. There are a couple of essential aspects that the hiring personnel should consider when selecting their employees. Below are a few tips for hiring employees for a start-up construction company. 

 • The employee must possess the necessary skills. 

 Checking the kind of skill the individual possesses is the first step to hiring employees. The skills you require in your company should be well stated in the job description advert. Have the individuals state the type of skills they possess and backing that information with the necessary papers. 

 Ensuring the applicants possess the set of skills your company needs will save you plenty of time as you will deal with the right people. 

 • Do some research and background check 

 Running a background check is beneficial for authentication purposes. The candidate may sell themselves and appear fit for the position, but it is wise to check with the stated references. Take time to hear what the previous employer has to say. 

 Make a point of understanding what kind of individual you are bringing into your company. Employees being the face of the company, be thorough when hiring. Spend some time to learn some previous working history about them and run drug screening if necessary.  

 • Set up company culture and plans to attract skilled personnel  

 Write a great advertisement to attract suitable applicants. Have a well-written job description inclusive of all the requirements and duties the job entails. Post the your company profile on effective directory sites where it will reach the target audience easily (see here).

 For your construction company to attract suitable applicants, it has to offer better deals than their current jobs. You can incorporate information about wages, health benefits, gym membership, and other desirable offers. The construction company should be one where construction works want to work. 

 • Set up sample tasks for the hires 

 As much as the applicant may have an appealing resume, you should consider seeing them doing the actual work. Set up simple short tasks to assess if the individual possesses the required skills. During the interview, give small tests and observe how they perform. 

 The set test should be standard to assess their cognitive ability and problems solving skills. The time taken and the work done should determine how effective the applicants are to your required standards. 

 • Assess their passion and attitude for the job 

 It is better to hire passionate applicants about what they do as they are likely to do a satisfactory job. The company should avoid spending money on individuals looking for better pay without delivering the needed work. Look for applicants who care about their job. 

 Individuals must possess the right attitude for the job, meaning they have to fit the company’s requirements. A positive can-do attitude with confidence and can hold their cool under pressure is necessary for the growth of a new company. 

 • Consider offering apprenticeships 

 If you are looking for some long-term employees, you can consider offering apprenticeships. Some of the applicants may not be qualified roofers yet, but good would come out after training. You can choose to train some welders, painters, carpenters and other skilled professions, especially recent graduates.  

 • Consider their experience in the field. 

 Look into the time the applicants have spent practicing in the construction industry. If they have experience in the industry, they possibly know more than the basics. You can use referrals to get experienced personnel fit for the jobs. 

Most construction workers know other construction workers, and it is easier to get new employees from them when recruiting. Hiring referred applicants makes the process easy and more straightforward. 

 Hiring new employees in a start-up business is a crucial process as the kind of employees you hire will represent the company. The skills and work done by the employees reflect on the company. Follow the stated tips and hire professionals for your construction company.  

Best Tree House Hotels You should Visit

Also known as a tree fort, a treehouse is a building on the trucks of a tree. It could also be on the branches of one or several trees. In the past, people only saw treehouses as a fantastic place for kids to play. That mentality has changed. A treehouse hotel is a place many people would want to visit and spend a night. Are you surprised to hear that? Unbelievable but true. Some treehouses offer accommodation services.

Best Tree House Hotels on the Face of the Earth

 1. Kadir’s Top Tree Houses

 This fantastic treehouse is found in Olympus, Turkey. If you plan to go for a business trip or shopping in turkey, please spare some time to visit Kadir’s treehouse. Not only will you get the feeling of being young but also lots of outdoor activities such as fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

 2. Hotel Costa Verde

 Costa Rica is not just known for scuba diving, snorkeling, seafood, and excellent beaches. It is also known for amazing treehouses, such as Hotel Costa Verde is one of them. It is nostalgic dining and watching the beauty of the Pacific Ocean 50 feet above the ground.

 3. Bangkok Tree House

 The next time you want to tour somewhere with a completely different culture and beautiful people, go to Thailand. The many temples, the moon parties, the floating markets, and the beautiful treehouse will leave you wanting more. When you visit the Bangkok Tree House, you leave there refreshed, reenergized, and relaxed.

 4. Winvian- Litchfield Hills

 Though the US offers so many treehouse hotels, the Winvian is outstanding. Imagine having time alone or with your spouse in a jacuzzi in the middle of the cozy trees. What about that cool breeze? If you are looking for a place to get away from your busy life schedule, Winvian in Connecticut in the US is the place to be.

 5. Tranquil Resort

 This treehouse hotel is located in south India and the Kerala rain forest. While India’s streets are so busy with millions of people, there are still beautiful and quiet places where you can take a breather. Tranquil Resort is one of those places. You could also take a walk in the nearby vanilla and coffee plantation if you are done with staying in the pool and have had a massage session.

 6. Tongabezi Lodge

 Africa has too much to offer, but the Tongabezi lodge in Livingstone, Zambia, is one in a million. The beauty in this place is something that you don’t want to miss. If you are a brave soul, you will walk to Victoria Falls. The lodge has hospitable staff that will strive to see their client happy and satisfied.

 7. Tsala Treetop Lodge

 South Africa hasn’t been left behind as well. The lodge is rated as one of the best treehouse hotels in Tsala and offers a scenic view of Plettenberg Bay. If you are a fan of staying up late, there is a fireplace to keep you warm as you stare at the beautiful sky.

Bottom line

 There are so many treehouse hotels for you to visit in different parts of the earth. Why don’t you consider visiting one of the above and you will have many more to tour?

Here’s A Review Of Some Of The Top Apps To Boost Your Business

When it comes to boosting your business, it’s important to understand the value of high-grade apps.

These apps can push your business to the next level through simple optimization. Whether it has to do with time management, emails, and/or payment processing, it all starts with new-age apps. 

Here is a breakdown of some of the leading apps on the market right now.

1. Slack – Intuitive Collaboration 

Slack is noted for being one of the most well-loved and powerful collaboration apps on the market.

This is a communication app that allows businesses to create different groups and ensure each project is being handled properly. This includes allowing group members to communicate with each other using a cleverly designed interface.

Instead of having to be at the office all the time, employees can easily sign in and speak to those that they need to in seconds.

It is quick, easy to understand, and ideal for those running on tight deadlines. 

The beauty of using Slack has to do with how efficient everyone becomes. Everything can be shared in one place, and that allows projects to move along at a brisk pace. 

Instead of having to coordinate all of this on your own, you can set up Slack to do it. This makes it a lot easier for everyone to be on the same page because they know exactly where to go for answers.

2. RescueTime – Time Management

Time management is the name of the game when running a small business.

RescueTime is great because it allows you to optimize everything based on time. This means you can figure out how much time is being spent on specific tasks and how this is cutting into your efficiency.

It will record everything and make it easier to become more productive. This includes being able to set up ways to block websites that waste your time and/or alerts that simply get in the way of your ability to make money.

With RescueTime, you learn how to run a smooth operation that isn’t filled with time-related hurdles. It helps create positive habits over the long term.

3. Spark – All-in-One Email Management

As a business begins to grow, you are going to have more and more emails coming in. This includes having the emails coming to a wide array of email addresses.

This becomes frustrating to deal with, and sometimes you forget to check one of the accounts leading to a loss in revenue or angry customers.

Do you want to avoid this?

Spark offers an all-in-one solution where all of the emails are integrated into one account. This means you can get the emails in one place rather than having to remember the password for each one.

4. Square Register – Payment Wizard

Do you have issues dealing with payments?

This is a common concern and it’s not easy to accept payments when you are on the go. This is a real issue for those who are always outside the office when completing sales.

This is where Square Register comes in as a valuable solution.

You can easily integrate the app with your credit card reader and accept payments on the spot. It doesn’t matter where you are. The payments will go through in seconds! 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to using apps for your business, we believe these are a must for your setup. 

Whether it is Square Register’s (https://squareup.com/us/en/hardware/register) payment processing or Spark’s all-in-one inbox, these are going to make your operation run like a well-oiled machine.

We believe a lot of business owners don’t focus on these optimizations, and that is why they remain inefficient. With the help of these apps, you are going to notice an immediate change in how your business runs and how well you do.

Why Is The Redwood Forest So Popular?

Redwood is the most acknowledged and the coolest forest ever to exist. Apart from having the tallest trees in the universe, redwood has majestic and beautiful trees. You find yourself experiencing the beauty of nature and breathing easily in the forest. If you are wondering why the redwood forest is popular, here are some facts.

Tallest Trees on the Planet

The Redwood forest has the tallest trees in the world. The trees are nearly 400 feet high, which is equivalent to a thirty-seven-story building. The trees, particularly coast redwoods, are so high that you cannot see the top even on a bright day when standing at the bottom. The tallest redwood trees have been given great names, like Hyperion (398 feet tall) and Daedalus (363 feet tall). The exact place of these tallest redwoods is unknown to prevent destruction.

Redwood can grow so tall because they adapt well to the foggy and temperate climate. These trees typically live for five hundred to eight hundred years, even though some are said to live for more than 2000 years. This means some of the redwoods in today’s world existed during the Roman Empire era. The coastal redwoods are documented to be more than 240 million years.

They Grow in Circular Clusters

Although redwoods are huge and tall, they have tiny cones that spread their seeds. Their root system is large, extending 100 miles away, and intertwines with other redwood roots. These root systems often spread from a dead tree- their source and growing into circular groups known as fairy rings.

The most interesting thing about these fairy ring trees is that they end up becoming a generic replica of the original tree when they all grow from one source. It implies that today’s redwoods (http://crosstalk.cell.com/blog/why-redwoods-are-one-of-the-great-wonders-of-the-world) will be last in line for the next 20000 years or more of a tree reproducing itself.

Coastal Redwoods help in Climate Change

Redwoods offers a healthy and stable climate. They capture excess carbon dioxide from our power plants, cars, and trucks more than the other trees. During photosynthesis, redwood transforms the carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe, leading to climate change.

When we destroy the redwood forest through our human actions, they release the stored carbon dioxide back to the environment. It leads to double trouble to climatic stability and the world’s carbon cycle. Degrading human actions and deforestation accounts for over thirty percent of carbon dioxide emissions in the universe.

Refrigerator Trees

Even though the redwood forest comprises other trees like bearberry and Pacific madrone trees, Redwoods are intriguing trees famously known as refrigerator trees. They have an infinitely cool temperature that is amazing to experience during hot summer.

Create their Rain

Redwoods require a large amount of water for survival. They consume over 600 quarts every day. Redwoods create their rain by consuming water from coastal fog to survive during hot summers. They can seizure from the air using their specially designed leaves and branches. When fog rolls in the branches, it condenses and drips down the roots and the surrounding redwood community. On foggy days, redwoods make it look like it is raining below.

They are Mini Ecosystems

Because redwood lives for so long and is massive, it can support a wide range of creatures. They are enormous apartment centers. When they shed off their leaves, it lands on the earth surface and covers the earth thus protecting the nutrient-rich soil. According to studies, a single redwood can host over four hundred species of animals, plants, fungi, and also sprouting redwood trees.

They Need Our Help

One of the biggest threats a hundred years ago for these ancient trees is being destroyed. During that time, the redwood forest was cut down, and over 625 acres of land were lost. Thanks to Save the Redwoods League, approximately 200,000 acres have been preserved in Redwoods Park, and redwood forests in private lands are also protected.

Some of the current threats of the redwood forest include fire outbreaks, climatic change, and residential housing development.

What Does an IT Support Company Do? How Can They Help Your Business?

There are many ways that an IT support company can help your business. They provide services to both companies and individuals. A few of the most popular services include network security, web design, data recovery, computer repair, and installation.

 This article will explore what these services entail and how they can benefit you as a business owner or individual seeking assistance with technology.

Network Security Assistance

 One of the main goals of network security is to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information. This ranges from protecting your business data, customer records, and private communications to keeping hackers out.

 Your team at this tech-savvy firm could protect you from hackers and viruses by monitoring traffic for unauthorized activity (such as spam), blocking known threats before they spread on a system, and providing regular backup plans in case a disaster happens. If things do go south, these experts can offer repair services to fix what’s broken quickly.

Web Design and Development

 IT support companies generally offer web design and development services. A business owner or individual who needs help with technology is likely to contact an IT support company for various services.

 If you are starting up a new online site with content, web design services might be necessary. 

 These tasks include choosing colors, fonts, and banner adverts for the website; designing pages; creating logos if necessary; editing copy texts, so it’s suitable for internet reading. A god example is a site like that of Pioneer Granite and Quartz. They also can work on developing links between different parts of the site and testing the site to see how it displays across different browsers and devices.

Data Recovery

 IT services can also help with data recovery. Some companies offer a data backup service for business owners who want to ensure that any critical company information is protected against computer malfunctions.

 Suppose you’re looking at how IT services can help your small or medium-sized enterprise. In that case, the most common request might be troubleshooting and repairing technology solutions such as networks, servers, laptops, and desktops. However, it’s important to understand what each aspect entails to work out which one will suit your needs best.

 There are many benefits for businesses when they partner with an IT support company, not least because this enables them to concentrate on their core business functions without having worries about infrastructure setup or maintenance issues plaguing them day in day out!

Computer Repair and Installation

 Does your company need a new computer or network? IT experts can work with you to design the system that will best serve the needs of your business. This means not only designing it but also installing and customizing it for optimal performance.

 By investing in an IT support service provider from day one, businesses safeguard themselves against any potential problems which could arise down the line- this way, and there are no surprises!

Remote Technical Support 

 Having remote assistance is perfect if you want someone else to do all the hard work for you while being on hand at all times should something go wrong. Remote technical support offers access 24/365 via phone, email, or web chat, so they’ll be able to diagnose what might be going wrong before attempting repairs on your computer network.

 There are many advantages of hiring an IT company for your business needs: 

 – Your data will be protected from hackers, viruses, or other threats

 – You’ll save money in terms of time spent repairing a problem that could have been avoided with professional support

 – There’s help available 24/seven so you can get around any hurdles as they arise during these key times when most people would be unavailable due to work commitments. This means less downtime on your website, so there is no chance of losing customers.

 – Hiring experts also frees up staff members’ time that would otherwise go into fixing technological problems, which leaves more room for them to focus on other essential tasks that need to be done.

 – An IT company works around the clock for you so they can respond quickly and efficiently when a problem arises, which will save you time as well.

 Computers are a vital part of our lives now, whether for work or play – and so having someone who knows how to keep them running smoothly is essential in this day and age. But that doesn’t mean it needs to cost you a lot of money. 

 With IT support companies on call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, there’s always help at hand when something goes wrong with your computer or software programs.

What Are Some Of The Best Programs For Video Editing?

What Is Video Editing 

 The arrangement and manipulation of a video that has been shot are known as video editing. When a video is shot, video editing is used to present and structure all of the information found in the video. Videos from the film industry, television shows, advertisements, and essays edit their videos before delivering the final product to their chosen audience. With the advancement of technology, there are now video editing programs that professionals and amateurs can utilize to edit videos on their laptops from the comfort of their homes or office. 

 The Different Types Of Video Editing 

 Vision mixing- Individuals who edit live television shows or work in a video production environment utilize vision mixing video editing. Vision mixing cuts live feed in real-time that is coming from several different cameras.

 Linear video editing- Linear video editing uses videotape for the editing process. How it works is that several video clips are taken and made into one single tape and then edited linearly. 

 Cloud-based- Cloud-based video editing uses video proxies to edit real-time events such as sports. Cloud-based video editing is done via the internet remotely. 

 Non-linear editing systems- The type of system that uses special software to allow individuals to edit videos on a computer is called a non-linear editing system. This type of video editing utilizes editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, and CyberLink PowerDirector 365.

 Video Editing Programs That Can Be Utilized By Amateurs And Professionals

 There are many different types of video editing programs currently available on the market. Three of the most common and inexpensive video editing programs utilized by amateurs and professionals are Adobe Premiere Pro, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, and CyberLink PowerDirector 365. If you are a video editor and you are in the market for video software, you should consider two things. The first is that the software that you choose does not have to be expensive. The second thing is that the software should provide you with all the things needed to make a professional video. The software will allow the filmmaker or editor to cut complex scenes together, add special effects, and apply eye-catching filters. 

 Adobe Premiere Pro

 One of the best and reasonably priced video editing software that is used globally is Adobe Premiere Pro. Video editing professionals recommend it because it has a user-friendly interface and can edit many videos. This software also has some of the best editing features that can be found in any editing software.

 Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

 This software is one of the easiest software that can be learned. This software allows individuals to make simple videos without putting too much thought into the video and editing process. This is one of the best software that can also be used in conjunction with other software to make more complex, polished videos. 

 CyberLink PowerDirector 365

 This editing program is inexpensive but has all of the latest editing features. This editing program can be maximized the most if used on a Windows computer. There is also a version that has been put on the market for the Mac computer as well. 

 If an individual is trying to learn how to become a professional video editor or is a professional video editor, they must choose the correct video editing software and technique. When selecting the proper video editing software, the editor or filmmaker should make sure that the software is not too expensive and can create high-quality videos. 

Here are Some of the Best Apps to have on Your Phone

There are certain apps that everyone has on their phones that we use every day. Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Wish shopping are just a few.

 However, there are plenty of awesome apps no one knows. So I’ll mention some apps you should have on your phone. Some you’ll know, but some maybe not.

 The first is Spotify. This music streaming app gives a 30 day trial to premium access. The app is free, and after the trial, it’s $10 for premium.

 The adaptive song selection allows you to find new music in the mi of songs you love. You can create infinite playlists and share them with friends too.

 Next up is Canva. Especially for small business owners and web content creators, you NEED this app. It’s free to download and has a 1-month free trial.

 With Canva, you can create your own designs for just about anything, like business cards, social posts, worksheets, and so much more.

 The Canva platform is also super easy to use and allows you to create a brand kit and collab with your team. There are also many app integrations.

 Moving on to Paid Apps Gone Free or PAGF. This app gives a list of other apps that normally would need to be bought. But for a short time, they’re free. 

 PAGF lists productivity apps and tools, countless games, and lots of personalizations, especially ico pack. And they’re all free for a limited time.

 The list on the PAGF changes and updates daily. It’s run and maintained by a popular internet-based company called Ubuntu.

 I’m sure you’ve heard of LinkedIn (which is another great app but not my focus here,) but have you seen LinkedIn Learning? 

 As with some other apps on my list, LinkedIn Learning provides users with a 30 day free trial at sign-up. You can use your current LinkedIn account.


 There are masses of videos, audio files, courses ad actual learning paths to choose from—the main categories: technical skills, business & creative.

 Learn skills for your resume or add insight to your current skill set. You’ll find something new to learn no matter what industry you’re in.

 This next app is a must-have for musicians. Imagine if Facebook is merging with a music-making software like fruity loops at no cost. That’s BandLab.

 BandLab is partly a social network to connect with musicians, songwriters, or music lovers of all sorts. But it’s also much more than that.

 This app features thousands of loops and sounds in the resource library, allowing users to make their own music in any genre they like. How cool is that?

 BandLab allows you to collaborate with people you know or people you meet on the app to make music together. You can also link your Spotify account.

 Nearing the end of this list, another completely free forever app is Prompted Journal. This app allows you to set reminders prompting you to write.

 For me, this app has a dual purpose. First, it reminds me to write something personal every day. It also serves as a wellness check each day.

 Every day you get a new prompt inviting you to dive deeper.


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We’re doing our utmost best to make this process as quick as possible. The tree services provider team is hoping for your kind understanding and wants to see you again.

See you!